reklama BARTOŠ – Social corporate responsibility.

The words have to correspond with the actions. We try to do the right things focused on sustainable development with the accent on quality and care for the environment.

Step 1

We use ecological pigments and bases.

Water-based colours and inks from the British company Magna we use for the printing on textile. All the pigments and bases passed a demanding process of control and testing and obtained Global Organics Textile Standard /GOTS certification.

This certificate is a guarantee that the products do not contain harmful substances, heavy metals and substances endangering the environment and the health of workers – while preserving the perfect results of the printing.

The second benefit is shortening the time of the drying and fixation after the printing. This significantly helps us to reduce electricity consumption and therefore brings an important economic effect to our company and benefits the ecology.

With the use of the new type of pigments and bases, also the quantity of the colours residue has significantly been decreased.

An important advantage of this system is also the fact that we do not have to use harmful organic solvents for cleaning the screens after the printing.

Step 2

Cleaning of the screens and water pollution.

Purchasing the cleaning device from the German Zentner company has been another step we took in our production in order to reach the world level. Before the washing, we first mechanically remove residues of the colours from the screens. The cleaning line washes the screen and removes the emulsion layer after that. We are using a mix of ecological chemicals for the cleaning and removing of the emulsion layout, which is environmentally friendly. This mix for cleaning chemicals circulates inside of the device in a closed system and can be reused. Such liquid is further purified in another device, and thus we return environmental friendly crystal clean water back into the system.

Step 3


We closely guard the quantity of the waste in the whole process of production. We try to reduce the quantity of waste constantly. We get to recycle one part of the waste. We sort the generated waste according to current European rules and recycle with the cooperation of the registered partner company.  We also lead our employees to follow such behavior. We are very proud of our employees that we sorted more than 5.000 pieces of the bottle caps which has helped one family with a handicapped child. And we continue….

Step 4

The quality of the working environment

We are constantly engaged also with the question of the quality of the working environment. We have LED lights in the production with DALI system and we can set up the light intensity – 1000 Lux, and the system controls the intensity every minute of the day and changes the intensity according to the light conditions from the exterior. The space has a lot of natural light to preserve exact colours.  The whole production hall is ventilated and air-conditioned in the summer to secure the highest comfort for our employees. The floor is made from high-strength concrete with a special layer suitable for the chemical environment. We take care of the cleanliness of the devices and surroundings continuously.  All of this helps us to keep a very high quality of the working environment and satisfies our employees.

Step 5

Sheltered workshop

Reklama BARTOŠ company employ also disabled people. We opened a sheltered workshop six years ago.  We found very skilled and loyal employees among the handicapped people and they are a great benefit for us. They are included in the team and it is a great benefit also for them.  If you are a company with more than 20 employees in Slovakia, and you do not employ handicapped persons, this information might be very valuable for you.

You can find more information here

Sheltered worshop