Screen printing, Serigraph printing

Printing, Screen printing, Serigraph printing

All these names address one very favourable technology in promotional, tailor-made gift items production. Screen printing is durable, very resistable, and is characterized by high quality and colour fade resistant.

Photorealistic printing, 3D printing (foam), discharge, transfer printing, all these are procedures we master. Many special effects, such as glitters, partial varnishing, neon colours, phospor colours, as well as reflective colours are of an option.

Screen printing


  • Economical: when priting, the truth is the higher number of promotional items printed for you, the more acceptable the final price per item is.
  • Special effects: with this method, you can use gold, silver, neon, fluorescent or reflective colour. It is also possible to use glitter, foam printing, colors that react to light and heat or fragrant colors.
  • Custom Shade: an ability to mix the exact Pantone custom shade
  • Speed: with the help of this technology, we can print up to 10,000 pieces a day (a white T-shirt and one-color print).
  • we can print up to 10 colors at once
  • is suitable for flat and cylindrical objects (glass bottles, plastic bottles, pens)
  • ecology: we use water-based colour that do not harm the environment
  • High quality print


  • higher preparatory costs: depend on the color or size of the logo. It is necessary to prepare a separate sieve for each color, so the print pays off the most when taking more than 25 pieces. If the customer wishes so, we can also print just 1 single t-shirt.

We currently have 2 new M&R Sportsman EX 2020 – 12/10 semi-automatic screen printing machines, one M&R manual carousel and 2 ATMA semi-automatic screen printing semi-automatic machines. We can print up to 10 colors at once, but also various special effects

Thanks to these machines, we have an even higher print quality, we have increased our capacity to 20,000 pieces per day and shortened delivery times. We can even better satisfy even the most demanding requirements of you, our customers.

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