Sheltered workshop

The sheltered workshop status means undisputable advantages for your company

By cooperating with our company and utilizing the sheltered workshop, operated also by reklama Bartos company, not only do you save your costs, but you also compensate your compulsory tax payment duty. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Pay the fine to the state? Or save and gain even more – merchanise or service?

According to § 63 Section 1 letter d) of the Act no. 5/2004 of the Labour Act, every employer is obliged to employ people with disabilities at least 3.2 % of the total employee count.

By not doing so, you are liable to compulsory payment for not occupying every such position at the amount of 1197,- €.
(valid for 2019)

In case your company belongs to those unable to employ physically disabled persons, we have a solution for you

The Law enables you to meet this compulsory share of employing the physically disabled citizens, so called facultative compensation.

You are entitled to purchase products or services from the sheltered worskhop instead of paying the fine. This way, your company meets the legal obligation, and at the same time saves finances, in comparison with the fine, otherwise paid to the state.

Did you know that you could have saved up to € 133 in 2019 for every single post?

Save and gain reciprocal service

The sheltered workshop of reklama BARTOS, Ltd. produces promotional products or company workwear, offers print services, produces business cards, leaflets, envelopes, or other promotional gift items with your company logo, all just for you.

We issue an invoice and take care of all necessary documentation needed for this law obligation

All the certifications issued by us have always been fully accepted by UPSVaR (Bureau of Labour) and approved by 100 per cent – as promised to the client. We prepare all necessary documentation.

And what is the deadline for meeting such obligation?

Obligation performance according to § 63 Section 1 letter d) by comissioning, purchasing the products or services, the employeer is obliged to prove no longer than 31st March of the forthcoming year, stated in the „Acknowledgement for an Employer Certificate.“

Together with the form, the employer documents other forms proving facultative compensation – the photocopy of the commission (an order, a contract), a photocopy of a purchase receipt (an invoice and bank transfer confirmation).

The facultative compensation cannot be applied retroactively and the invoice has to be paid off in the calendar year as issued; therefore, do not leave the promotional items purchase for the end of the year.