Promotional gift items scrappage

Promotional gift items scrappage

How many promotional items are you allowed to get rid of after an event or a time? Many? Get rid of them meaningfully and use our initiative for your good – The promotional items scrappage.

Why did we introduce
the items scrappage?

Everybody is aware of that – a marketer, HR, manager, we invest considerable financial resources into promotional items. We want our brand, campaign or other way of business communication as visible as possible.

Despite our effort to be creative and innovative, let us realize what percentage of the produced things are one-shot products in the end?

As a producer and an implementer of our clients’ orders, we are very much aware of this fact, but we do not identify with it. Therefore, we decided to open an initiative the promotional item scrappage.

How can the scrappage
help your company?

Let us take a look at the redundant items one more time, refashion them, cover the Logo, recycle as much as possible, dispose professionally, or present to somebody; thus, we help and make somebody happy.

Simply, we arouse new life in them.
For feeling good, for the nature, for us.

Contact us

If you feel attracted by our the innitiative, take a look at useless promotional items at your company and contact our female team.

We approach every client individually.
In case of any faults and need to redo the job, we offer 20 per cent discount off our service. In case the item is to be recycled, we will do it for you and you are guaranteed a 10 per cent discount off our services. Of course, you will be notified about the scarpped items regularly. This special offer is valid for orders higher than Eur 200.

Help us

Let your friends know about scrappage

Keep your fingers crossed for us and in case you like promotional gift items scrappage, let your friends and business partners know about it. Help us spread the innitiative for the healthier Earth.

The more of us, the more reasonable our innitiative.

Promotional gift items scrappage